Having been brought up in a very “good” home by honest and patriotic parents, I attended several Sunday Schools and Churches as a child.  I had, several times, heard a clear presentation of the Gospel.  However, no one ever told me that I needed a Personal relationship with Christ.  
     As I progressed into my teen years, I was easily led into the tragic sins that ruin so many teenage lives.   It is always embarrassing to share this part of my life, but Praise God I did not stay that lost and hopelessway!!  I share this because I hope I can help someone else out there to come to Christ and find the peace and forgiveness I found!
    In 1985, in a little old mobile home in the woods in Michigan, I received Christ as my personal Saviour.  It was about 2am and I was defrosting an old refrigerator  freezer.  I was miserable and at the end of my hope.  My hand became stuck in the space between the freezer and the frame of the refrigerator.  I began to panic, thinking, “What else could go wrong!”  I was alone and my son (an infant) was sleeping in his crib.  I could not call out for help and risk waking him and not be able to get to him, I could not reach the dish soap to try to help slip my hand out, I then remembered GOD.  As most of us, God let me get to the end of myself and realize my need.  Suddenly, the Holy Spirit seemed to speak to my heart, “It is not about your hand, it is about your life.”  I could get one knee to the floor and I cried out to God for forgiveness for my rebellion and sin and asked Him to come in and take control of my whole life.  I knew what Jesus had done for me, but that night it finally became real to me.  
     The next I can tell you is that I was in the living room with BOTH hands raised toward heaven thanking God for what He had done for me, for my life and my heart and soul.  I knew I was not alone and in the midst of my misery, I found JOY.
      I was not able to really begin to grow Spiritually until Steve and I began to get things right in our personal lives.  We were married on Sept. 4, 1988 and continued to struggle until he received the Lord in 1991.  Then our family got into church faithfully and began to seek ways to serve the Lord.  In 1995 we surrendered our lives to missions, in 1996 we made our first mission trip as lay people.  We continued to serve faithfully in our local church and attended Bible Institute ect...  In 1999 God gave us a specific call to minister to the U.S. Military by establishing and directing Christian Serviceman Centers which work in fellowship with an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church.  
     One of the biggest challenges was trying to understand my Veteran husband's struggles, which I later learned was the result of PTSD.  God graciously saved he and I both and lovingly led us through a minefield of struggles.  We serve others by HIS grace.  After establishing and serving through two Serviceman Center outreaches over a 16 year period, God allowed us to be trained in the Wounded Spirits PTSD outreach.   It is our hearts desire to share hope, love and healing through the Word of God.  We are living proof of the help and deliverance God gives!  My life for Thee oh Lord is my hearts desire.

It is my JOY to serve God and others!

Lucinda Martinez,  Gal. 2:20
A Brief Personal  Testimony:
As a young man of 19 yrs. old, I was drafted into the U.S. Army and sent to fight in Vietnam.  I was searching, even then, for some spiritual guidance.  Having been brought up a Catholic, I knew there was more that I needed to know about God, I wanted the Truth. 
      It seemed that there was no one who cared for my soul.  In 1970 I was seriously wounded on the battlefield.  The young man beside me died instantly.  For the next 20 years, I questioned why God had even let me live.  I was miserable.  I hated life, people, everything.  I had turned to drugs and alcohol and sin had a grip on my life.  I even contemplated suicide a few times.  (I did not realize I had PTSD until years later),  Praise be to God, in 1991, after hearing the Gospel in a little Baptist Church out in the country in Brooklet, GA, I bowed and asked the Lord to forgive me of my sins and to come into my heart and take control of my life.  I was gloriously saved that day!! 
        My heart rejoices as I recall when Christ saved me, and lifted the bitterness and anger that I had carried for so long.  Yes, I deal with PTSD, but God has blessed me with help and hope, which I desire to share with others.  I love the Lord and my hearts desire is to serve Him with my life.  Thank God for the Blood!!
          In 1995 the Lord called upon me to surrender my heart to serve Him in Missions. My wife and I did so and in 1999 the Lord gave us a clear direction for His call upon our lives.  God chose us to ake the Gospel to the U.S. Military by starting and establishing Christian Serviceman Centers which work in fellowship with a local Church.  We did this outreach for over 16 yrs.  and now serve with the Wounded Spirits PTSD outreach.             We plan to serve Christ with our lives and share His love and help with others as long as HE allows us to.

Steve Martinez ,  Phil. 1:6    
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